Sony takes the first leap in the next gen exclusive war!

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It seems PlayStation is trying to get a head start at the console exclusive war, with Sony’s PlayStation 5 hype this a great time for them to make a move. It’s seeming like PlayStation well keeping up the system of launching lots of quality exclusive games for the system.

Sony’s CEO Kim Ryan said they well be investing in first-party studios via “oranic growth and acquisitions.” The last time they made a major buy was of Sucker Punch Productions (who made games such as Sly Cooper, Ghost of Tsushima, Infamous) back in 2011.
One can only wonder which studio or studios Sony has in mind. Some sources are rourming they have their eye on Insomniac Games, the make of PlayStation 4’s Marvel’s Spider-Man.
Should be intresting to see whoever they go with and what kind of content they well put out.

Now we wait and see microsofts response to this, well they focus on their current studios or looking into buying new ones? Leave your thoughts below.


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