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With Gears 5 (Gears of War Franchise) set to release September 10th games are wondering what edition to preorder, hopefully we can help you decide. Below is a break down of what is included in each edition!

Gears 5 Standard Edition

The standard edition of Gears 5 comes with the game itself and any applicable preorder bonuses (see below).

Gears 5 Ultimate Edition

The ultimate edition comes with the game, any applicable preorders, as well as the following items:


  • Steelbook case
  • Gears 5 Sticker


  • Early Access – Play 4 days early
  • Terminator: Dark Fate Character Pack
  • 30 days of Boost

Gears 5 Collectors Edition

GameStop is selling exclusive bundles that come with either edition of the game (or no game), plus a number of physical extras. Alternately, you can buy the drone bundle separately from the game.

  • Flying replica of Jack as well as a remote controller
  • Premium collector’s box
  • Custom display stand
  • Exclusive in-game Jack skin
  • Embroidered DBi patch
  • DBi collector’s booklet
  • DBi ID badge with Gears 5 lanyard
  • Jack schematic art print
  • Alex Ross steelbook case

Gears 5 Preorder Bonuses

Preorder Gears 5, and you’ll receive the following:

  • Select physical copies come with Terminator Dark Fate Character Pack, featuring Sarah Connor and the T-800 from the film (look for specially marked packages, while supplies last)
  • Preorder any digital edition or pre-install Gears 5 with an active Xbox Game Pass membership before launch to get the Terminator Dark Fate Character Pack, featuring Sarah Connor and the T-800 Endoskeleton, the Vector Lancer Skin and 7 days of Boost
  • 7 days of Boost
  • Gears 5 Tech Test access

Other retailer exclusive preorder bonuses

  • Amazon – NCOG Marine Lancer Weapon Skin
  • Best Buy – $10 Reward Certificate for My Best Buy members, COG Air Lancer Weapon Skin
  • GameStop – Marcus Tattoo Lancer Weapon Skin
  • Microsoft Store – Vector Lancer Weapon Skin


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