Watch Dogs Legion

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With E3 right around the corner we’ve been seeking a lot of gaming information getting leaked, the newest Victim? Ubisoft. Although doing an amazing job at keeping everything related to Watch Dogs 3 under wraps someone over at UK’s Amazon online retailer must of missed their morning coffee!

A Video Game listing for “Watch Dogs Legion” was created. The listing not only confirmed speculation about the games setting being in London but also gave a bit more information.

A post-Brexit world in which society, politics and technology have changed and altered London’s fortunes”, where “every individual you meet in the open world, has a full set of animations, voice over, character traits and visuals that are generated & guided by gameplay systems”, thus allowing users to “play as anyone.”

While we only have to wait a few days for E3 to confirm if the leak is real, sources over at Kotaku have stated the ability to play as any character in the game is what has been taking the developers so long to get done.

Thoughts? Are you pre ordering Watch Dogs Legion?


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